People Places sees and acknowledges the struggle that systemic racism has caused in our black communities, in our country and around the world; and we are aware of how that trauma affects everyone in our communities. Racial inequality, systemic oppression, intergenerational trauma…..these run counter to all the things that our agency believes in.

At People Places we assure you that we are continuing our mission to inspire hope for children and families and to foster resilience so that children and families can thrive. We are guided by our organizational core values which reflect who we are as an agency:

  • ACCEPTANCE. We treat all individuals with compassion and kindness and practice acceptance of a person exactly as they are.
  • COLLABORATION. We actively engage customers, families, and partners in our work to improve outcomes and long-term success.
  • INNOVATION. We embrace on-going creativity, change, exploration and implementation of data-informed ideas.
  • INTEGRITY. We act with honesty, transparency, and accountability to build trust and achieve results.

Resilience comes from overcoming adversity with a supportive hand. We are here to offer hope through compassion and kindness. We empathize with the pain and want to work together with you to build resilient families and a resilient community.

We encourage open dialog about issues that arise during this difficult time. We are not perfect and acknowledge that we don’t have all the answers and mistakes will be made. We remain committed to continuing dialogue and navigating these deep-seated societal issues to create change together. As an agency, we will provide training and support to our staff and parents to equip them to address and discuss racial issues openly and honestly with the children in our care. We will strive to improve diversity within our agency, and seek out partnerships with others to actively support the black community. People Places reaffirms our commitment to doing the work of promoting the values of acceptance and equality within our organization as well as in our communities.