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People Places Perspectives

Why We Foster

Long time People Places foster parents, Randall and Elder recently shared details on their decision to foster and how they found the agency.

“Elder and I have always wanted children and one day while watching tv we see a commercial for People Places,” Randall said.

The couple’s next step was to ask Randall’s cousin to call and inquire about People Places’ policy on certifying same-sex parents. Once they learned that the agency takes families of all compositions, they called immediately and set up an interview.

“After meeting with Joyce, [Joyce Stratton- People Places’ Teaching Parent Coordinator] we enrolled in the next parenting class that was held. After completing the class and having our home study done, we were approved to be foster parents,” he explained.

Both Randall and Elder are hopeful to adopt one day and expressed their excitement over making their family complete. For now, however, they are active foster parents; “In April of 2014 we receive our first placement. Since then we have had a total of 6 placements and numerous children in respite care.”

Randall discussed the ups and downs regarding foster care. He said, “The most rewarding thing is to see the progress that children make while in your care. The most challenging part is trying to figure out what works and don’t work for each child.”

“We would say the one thing we love most about being parents is having someone that depends on you to make everything better. We love going out to dinner and taking the kids to the movies.”

As veteran foster parents, Randall and Elder said their one piece of advice for new and/or potential foster parents would be, “if you are doing it for any other reason than to help the kids, don’t.”


  1. REPLY
    Linda Ambler says

    Randall, I have known you for awhile now and I can think of no one better to help children stay or get on the right track. Your heart is big and the security I am sure tou two give is what all children need. I am so proud to know they have you both.

  2. REPLY
    Jackie Plecker says

    I really love Elder and Randall! It’s great to see them spotlighted because their love and care for children radiates and what a blessing to have them as foster parents! I’m so happy your organization doesn’t bias same sex marriages. I’ve called on their knowledge as parents many times to help me with my own children. They both hold a huge wealth of knowledge.

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